Harrison Park

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AUG 21, 2018

I’ve visited this park several times throughout the years but this was the first time I’ve gone beyond the bird sanctuary. I was surprised by how large, how well kept and beautiful the park is and how much there is to do! 

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This park is located in Owen Sound, so a bit of a trek from the GTA but you can totally make visiting this park a full day trip. Pack a picnic for the day as there are plenty of picnic areas in the park or grab a bite at the onsite restaurant, Harrison Park Inn. Better yet make an entire weekend out of it by staying at their full service campground within the park. If I sort of liked camping I’d totally consider staying in this campground and park. The park is free to visit, which is amazing to me given how well kept the park is and how many workers we saw keeping it maintained. 

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At the bird sanctuary you can pay a measly 25 cents for a handful of corn kernels to feed the birdies. You’ll see lots of swans, a variety of ducks and you may even notice some birds with injured wings or limps being rehabilitated here. A lot of the birds will try to eat the kernels right out of your hand, I’ve also encountered chipmunks there who will do the same! The bird sanctuary area also has a mix of different pheasant breeds and even some peacocks. Beyond the sanctuary are nice little trails for walking and biking, some trails are right along the Sydenham River and connect directly with the Bruce Trail. You can even hike to Inglis Falls (4km trail) from Harrison Park. There are three play parks within the grounds, perfect for entertaining the little ones who are starting to get bored with trails. You can also rent a canoe or paddle boat for 30 minutes at a cost of only $9, or play a round of 18 hole mini-golf for $7 adults, $3 children 12 and under or $5.50 for students. 

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