Terre Bleu Lavender Farm


JULY 30, 2018

The Yellow Door Trail, a.k.a. out the pages of  fairytale forest! 

The Yellow Door Trail, a.k.a. out the pages of  fairytale forest! 

I think most of us can agree that the smell of lavender is so beautiful and calming, well friends lavender fields are even more beautiful and even more calming then the scent! Even in a thunderstorm, which is what happened when we visited Terre Bleu! For the record, yes we had checked the weather and no rain was called for until much later that afternoon and we went in the morning. Regardless of the rain I still had a lovely time with my sister, my sister in law, nieces and the babe. The only downside is we definitely didn’t get to see the full extent of this beautiful farm because of the rain. We had literally just walked through, what I’d call "straight from the pages of a fairytale forest", called the Yellow Door Trail into the Yellow Door field when thunder and a downpour started. The babe didn’t appreciate the thunder sounds or the rain, so after that downpour we stayed close to the parking area and farm store just in case. From what I quickly saw of the Yellow Door Field that lavender looked taller then the lavender we spent most of our time taking pictures with. I think it was a different type of lavender then near the front. For those wondering the Yellow Door Field is called this because of the giant yellow door art piece in the middle of the field. I just recently read on their Instagram that the sweet message on top of the yellow door frame was written by their 10 year old daughter. You’ll just have to visit to see how sweet the message is and obviously how sweet this little girls soul is. 

Entrance and farm store. 

Entrance and farm store. 

We also didn’t get to experience the tour, included in your $15 admission fee, because again we didn’t want to wander to far from escaping any possible downpour. Just another reason to go back, plus the lavender ice cream wasn’t available for the day and we definitely need to get back to try that out.  

The farm is very stroller friendly, which again huge bonus to not have to carry the babe right up against me in hot weather! 

2018-07-24 05.30.23 1.jpg

The farm also has some sheep and 2 horses, those were the animals we saw and I’m not sure if there are more animals in and around the farm elsewhere. The horses are two beautiful clydesdales, I swear everything on this farm is beautiful! There’s also a cute little store where they have lavender soaps and other lavender scented items, but they also have some pretty unique lavender inspired items like lavender gouda and lavender loose leaf tea! 

The nicest part of this experience was how friendly the farm staff was. Every person we encountered welcomed us, asked how we were, asked if we needed any direction and so on. Just such lovely people. 

Plan your visit before the lavender is all gone! 

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