Baby Girl's First Birthday Outfit


SEPT 11, 2018

If you follow along on my Instagram, you’ll know my babe just turned the big “0-1” this week! We hosted her first birthday party over the weekend and the “theme” we went with was Tarzan. The Tarzan movie seems to be her favourite cartoon movie, I just think she really likes Phil Collin’s voice but honestly who doesn’t?! Obviously being Tarzan themed I was looking for an animal print shirt, dress or even pant since it was getting cooler out. I was torn though because baby girl, first birthday - your vision see’s a cutesy little pink dress or a tutu style outfit, basically something so over the top girly.

I guess I got lucky when I couldn’t find anything animal print in all the “go to” baby stores. The day before the shindig I had to make a visit to the mall in search of that special first birthday outfit. Cue H&M Kids swooping in to save the day. 

I first found this adorable as heck faux fur leopard print vest there, I love me a vest and this was exactly the animal print I was looking for her to wear!


I was thinking I’d pair it with a cute little jean dress, also spotted in H&M Kids when my mum found this adorable pink princessy dress with silver stars and tulle at H&M. I now had the perfect combinations of my over the top princessy pink girl outfit with my Tarzan theme outfit idea. This pairing of fashion pieces is what I’ve officially dubbed “Tarzan chic” or “jungle chic”.

If leopard print isn’t your thing there are so many faux fur vests to pair with adorable little dresses, tutu’s or even tutu leggings. Don’t forget to add a cute headband, princess crown or pretty bret’s to complete your little princess’ first birthday outfit! 

What was the theme of your babe’s first birthday? Did you agonize over finding that perfect outfit like I did? I’d love to hear and know what you little prince or princess wore to their big day!