My Top 5 Summer Fashion Items


JULY 8, 2018

What I most look forward to in the summer isn’t necessarily the nights spent in the backyard enjoying a bevy or basking in the sunshine, though those are wonderful. What I always look most forward to is my summer wardrobe! I love switching out my bulky, mostly all the same colour, winter clothes for my light and bright summer clothes. My summer wardrobe has way more options, is more fun and has so many multifunctional items I can pair together to create casual or dressier looks. I’m outlining my top 5 items for this summer’s, and summer’s beyond this one’s, wardrobe. 

White Jeans - We already know my obsession with a white jean thanks to my White Jean Lookbook post. As I outlined in that post your white jean can be paired with pretty much any colour top or shoe, and because white is such a fresh “colour” it gives off the appearance of being a dressier look with very little effort on your part. You can totally get away wearing a white jean to work, out on a date or even a wedding shower as long as it’s paired with a more dressier top and some jewels. On the other spectrum you can dress down your white jean with a cute casual tee or tank and these Sketchers Go Walk “sailing” shoe.

Yes, I'm wearing my white jeans again. 

Yes, I'm wearing my white jeans again. 

Flat Ankle Strap Sandal in Beige - This is my shoe of THIS summer. It's a perfect multifunctional shoe for office wear or out of the office, sometimes those cute boho flip flop style shoes can be a bit to casual for a professional look. These shoes are so comfortable and would be perfect with a longer dress at a wedding for all that dancing you’ll be doing, or to wear casually on a day trip where you’ll be doing a lot of walking around and sightseeing. I also just really love an ankle strap!





Cut Out’s - I’m obsessed with cut out’s on clothing this summer, a little cutout on the side of a flowy dress, a triangle cut out in the front of a dress or bathing suit, a cutout on the back of a top or dress. I honestly find that little bit of skin showing through a tiny cutout on an article of clothing to be so sexy compared to showing a lot of skin, but that’s just my personal preference and opinion. Fashion is all about personal choices and what makes you feel your best. 


Maxi Dresses & Skirts - I live in maxi dresses and skirts in the summer, I just love how flattering they are as I’m a little wider hipped and thighed. For me a maxi dress makes me look taller as well as slimmer in my wider areas, but maybe I’m insane? It’s just so easy to throw on a maxi dress with a blazer and wear it to work and then remove the blazer for an after work casual look. I’ve even worn some of my fave maxi dresses to formal events and dressed them up with high heels and costume jewels. The maxi skirts are more for my casual days, though I did wear them a lot last year at the office while pregnant. I think pregnant in summer gets a pass on wardrobe choices! Agreed? Pair your maxi skirt with a cute tank for a quick outing to the grocery store, backyard BBQ get together or coffee meet up with a friend. 

Cotton Shorts - I hate jean shorts, mainly because of the wider hips and thighs. I never feel 100% comfortable in my jean shorts, hence all the maxi dresses and skirts for me in the summer. Last summer I knew I was going to be boiling at 8 and 9 months pregnant in the thick of summer and didn’t think I’d want to lounge around the house or cottage everyday in my maxi dresses. I’m not sure why prior to last summer it never dawned on me to buy cute cotton shorts, maybe they just weren’t stylish until last summer? I found the most adorable cotton shorts in all sorts of cute styles and patterns at none other then Walmart! Chic on a budget, am I right? This summer cotton and drawstring shorts seem to be in every store I turn. They are so comfy and don’t make your thighs look like sausages, or well my thighs. Also the price point is way better then a jean short, so if you find a style you like you can totally buy multiples.

Do you have any of my top 5 items in your closest this summer? What items in your closest are your top 5 for your summer wardrobe? I’d love to hear from you as I love talking fashion!