OCT 1, 2019


Do not go packing away your light denim because the leaves on the tree’s are starting to flutter to the ground. Your light denim deserve more than being forgotten until spring arrives, and this is coming from a gal who just embraced light denim in the last year.

I do get why so many of us shy away from continuing to wear our light coloured jeans once the temperatures drop. Mainly, we type cast our lighter denim for just the months of spring and summer, but I’m here to help you rock those jeans right into fall! I’ve got a few simple styling tips to help you get the most out of you extend the life of your light jeans past the hotter seasons.

Style Tip 1

Fall is the season for all the earthy tones - tans, beige, oatmeal, cream, olive green. We all have one, if not more, of these coloured items already in our closets, and lucky for us light denim lovers these colours all pair so beautifully with your fave light jean.

Style Tip 2

As much as fall is all about the neutral earthy tones, it's also about those bold rich colours.

All the shades of burgundy and merlot, that gorgeous “mustard” marigold colour I love so much. I think the bold trend colour for this year is that beautiful rusty brown, or what I like to call burnt orange. I've seen it prominently in all the stores, and that colour is the perfect pairing for your light denim. Throw on a cute tanned wide brimmed hat and you’re a walking Instagram post!

Style Tip 3

Ok, this one I don’t budge on, and I’m just going to say it…

Always pair your light jeans with a light coloured shoe. I personally just don’t love the contrast of a dark ankle bootie with a light denim. A taller knee high boot, not so bad. There's just something I don't like about a dark ankle bootie with my light jeans. Personal preference, I always pair my light denim fall looks with a tanned or light brown ankle bootie or flat.

Style Tip 4

Have fun with the trends of the season, this year’s trend of animal print is perfect, particularly the leopard print!

This print ties in with my first styling tip, pairing your light denim with earthy tones. Mostly all leopard print comes in natural earthy tones, and the wardrobe options are pretty endless for this trend. Shirts, shoes, booties, cardigans, scarves! Basically, you have no excuse to not sport those light jeans if you have this trend in your closet currently.


Style Tip 5

Use the fact you layer in fall to your advantage!

If you are to scared to wear that bold colour alone with your light denim, then throw in a lighter coloured wardrobe item, from your spring or summer capsule, and pair it up with one of falls bold colours.

For example, a light coloured t-shirt, say that blush pinky colour. Pair it with an olive green vest or a merlot coloured cardi.

I’ve linked some items below to help inspire you to create some beautiful fall outfits with your light denim!

Happy outfit planning, and if you create an outfit using one of my styling tips make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see your light denim looks for fall!