APRIL 20, 2018

Bosco was the cat I didn’t want. My husband found him at one of his work sites. Some dirt bag abandoned him and his twin sister at the site in a cardboard box. Instead of dropping the twins at an animal shelter my husband and his coworker each took one of them home. My husband is the worst at concealing secrets and I knew right away something weird was up when he was texting me while I was at a volunteering event.  He asked when I’d be home and then replied to my response with “I’m just at Walmart”. That was odd because I didn't ask him where he was. Turns out he was at Walmart getting cat stuff for the kitten I was unaware of. When I returned home from the event there was a cardboard box in our front hall with my name written all over it in my husband's handwriting. In the box was the kitten. 

This was about Day 3 of Bosco in our home. 

This was about Day 3 of Bosco in our home. 

Let’s just back up on this story because I’m sure you are wondering why in the hell would this woman’s husband bring her home a surprise cat?? One day at work a full grown cat, not a kitten, decided to hang out by my car in the work parking lot. He was super friendly and sweet but dirty and definitely not cared for.  He returned again the next day, beside my car. Fate? My coworker volunteers for the Humane Society and fosters cats for them, so she took him in to get checked out and see if he was some family's lost pet. He was a lovely cat, not chipped and no one claimed him. The humane society even neutered him and gave him his shots etc. but my husband was adamant he did not want a cat. He didn't like cats. 2 years later he brings home a kitten. An un-neuteured, no shots kitten. I didn’t actually want a cat, I just wanted that particular cat from my work parking lot. 


So back to the kitten in the box in my front hall, not only is my husband impulsive on decisions but he is also obsessive. I was clear from the get go I wasn't interested in the kitten and I must have gotten 200 pictures of this kitten in our house doing mundane kitten shit while I was out with friends. Him and my stepdaughter were justifying every reason we should keep the kitten. I’m a complete suck, and clearly pushover, when it comes to animals so I of course caved. I was given the honour of naming the cat, the cat I wasn't interested in. Part of my decision to keep him was because he seemed to have imprinted with my husband and followed him everywhere, my husband was his momma basically. Bosco was scared of me or well anyone who wasn’t my husband. Then randomly one night this kitten decided my pillow was where he needed to sleep, yes with my head on it, and stayed there every night after until he got to big for the pillow. He then moved to sleeping right up beside me and to this day still does. Maybe not every night like he used to but "kids" do grow up and become independent. Needless to say the cat and I are in love now and my husband and stepdaughter hate him. I say they hate him because he rejected them hardcore for me, the woman who hated him, but really it’s because he’s a complete dick.


Every awful thing they say about cats is the truth. Don't get a cat. He was a monster kitten. Destroyed curtains, destroyed our couch, actually destroyed anything he could sink claws into. He climbed our screen door to get at bugs flying by the porch light. He’s less destructive now but still utterly insane. He comes with all the quirky jackass qualities with being a cat but he is also the most sweet natured soul. He’s a cat yet not a cat, if that makes sense. I think because he was raised with Noel he has a lot of dog traits. He loves to snuggle, he begs for belly rubs, YUP a cat who wants belly rubs. He comes when you call him by name or for food or for bed, he sits with the dogs begging for cheese and morning treats, he enjoys eating chips and Goldfish crackers. I swear sometimes he even wags his tail when you talk to him. He’s never bitten or scratched anyone or either of our dogs. The babe adores him and has pulled on him quite a few times now and he’s just pinned his ears back and gotten up and left. Most cats, I believe, would at least swat at a baby pulling on them. I mean you can pretty much man handle Bosco and he won't lash out at you. My husband even used to bathe him as a younger cat because he didn't quite understand how to clean himself and always smelled, not once did the cat hurt him trying to get out of water. Bosco will be the one and only cat I’ll ever own so I cherish everyday with him, because as much as I didn’t want that kitten in the box I can’t imagine our house without him now.