Blogging - One Month In


FEB 12 2018

It has officially been 1 full month of The Basic Bitch Blog! If you're still reading my posts thanks for joining and continuing on this ride with me. I appreciate everyone's support and feedback! I thought it would be nice to share what I’m enjoying and not enjoying about the world of blogging so far. 

The Good

  • I love coming up with ideas for my blog, even if I don’t end up posting or sharing them all. It’s fun to keep my brain active with strategizing content and coming up with ideas on how to “promote” that particular blog post. It has also helped make me feel productive since I’m currently off work. Sure binge watching Netflix between baby duties can be great, but for my brain doing that everyday is a big NO. My brain needs the exercise and this has been the perfect routine for it! 
  • I really like engaging and chatting with other bloggers or Instagram influencers. Being on a mat leave you are, well, isolated to your baby bubble and it’s rare to see another adult other then your husband. Especially now with this insane flu going around I’ve 100% hibernated, so it’s so nice to chat with people who have some of the same interests or going through the same life situations as yourself. I've always been a social butterfly and this helps me continue to be one but from the comfort of my couch! 
  • Blogging is helping me better myself in so many ways.  I’m learning a lot from fellow bloggers, like ways of coping with situations that I’m taking to heart, new recipes, beauty secrets, must read books or articles and so on. It’s also helping me stick to intentions I’ve made for myself in 2018. Who knows why that is, maybe because I’ve written them down on “paper” and that makes it more real? Either way, I really didn’t expect as much soul growth from blogging and it's completely taken me by surprise. 

The Bad

  • The upkeep of content for Instagram. Ugh. You can’t just get away with an Instagram post for every time you blog. You have to come up with a creative picture and caption for Monday’s, then maybe one on Hump Day, then maybe a Happy Friday post, then a It’s the Weekend post. Holy crap! I guess I went in naively but I had NO idea my blog’s Instagram was a full time job. I also have a hard time taking myself seriously behind a camera, I feel like a d-bag posing for pictures where I'm acting "naturally" when I literally did my hair and makeup and am posing in the most ridiculous not natural way but it looks super cute so do it. Not to mention who has the friggin time for that?! I'll tell you who doesn't have the time for that, my husband who I need to get to take these pictures! I think I may just start taking incredibly goofy Instagram pictures and that’ll be my “thing”. 
  • I’m not a fan of how big of a role Instagram plays for a blog. Half the time I’m pretty sure people are just mindlessly scrolling through their feed and just double tapping your picture. Not reading your caption or even bothering to check out your blog post. Like I said I'm a social butterfly and I like interacting with fellow bloggers, not just liking a photo they posted. 
  • People who follow you on Instagram so you’ll follow them back and then they just delete you after. Seriously lame people. 
  • All the “Pyramid” product selling pitches. I just want to blog not sell things, but thank you. 
  • The fact I still can’t properly execute spaces between paragraphs on my Instagram captions! I have read and watched tutorials on how to properly do this and no matter what I do I still can’t get it formatted correctly?! Clearly this is a “user” error (a.k.a. ME) but soooo frustrating. Can someone help me the f*ck out here! I feel like such a goober. 

The Ugly

  • Instagram’s hideous algorithm that was thrown out just as I started blogging. It gives new bloggers zero chance to have people see what they can offer the blogging world and a real bummer. I’ve pretty much hit the post notification button on any blogger I really like so I know I won’t miss there posts. If you don't know what the algorithm is, it's basically why you're seeing a friends post from last week on your feed instead of seeing posts in chronological order.  Honestly that’s really the only ugly I’ve found about "blogging", it makes it a popularity contest and I’m sorry but I’m an adult not a pre-teen trying to be in the cool crowd. 

I also wanted to share some of my fave blogs or social media influencers I’ve come across since becoming a blogger myself!

  1. Mommy & B - A new mommy whose sharing her adventure in mommy hood. She's got super great advice for other momma bears, she's relatable, funny and also an example of strength like no other. Also her son is super adorable so it's worth following her just for pictures of him! 
  2. Michelle Liane Adventures - Ok so maybe I'm bias on this one because full disclosure this is my sister and I'm her #1 insane fan. My sister is a super talented photographer and I'm not lying when I tell you your Instagram feed will thank you by following her and having her beautiful photos show up. She also from time to time shares fun vegan friendly recipes! 
  3. The Blushing Bluebird - I found Christy after seeing this video and wanted to follow along on her Darling Charly's hearing journey. That squish is just to cute for words and the sweetest soul. 
  4. Mari Linni - A vegan lifestyle blogger from Gemany who makes and takes the most beautiful frozen berry inspired vegan foods! The only bummer is the recipes on her blog are in German so you may have to Google translate which doesn't always turn out correctly! 
  5. This Renegade Love - A lifestyle blogger who tells it like it is. Her best attribute is she's super supportive of fellow bloggers and being an experienced blogger gives so much advise and tips. For someone starting out, like me, she's amazing! I also love how super engaging she is with her followers, and she hates Taylor Swift. Based on that fact alone she's worth checking out. 
  6. Kalefornia Kitchen - Another foodie blog/Instagram. He makes the most delicious looking recipes and takes amazing photos of them. I haven't tried any yet but have bookmarked a bunch to try out in the very near future! 
  7. Pinkpineappple - These 2 girls from Sweden are the cutest! They are a fashion and beauty Instagram blog. I love scrolling through their page and checking out their super cute outfits and witty captions as they travel around. Also for an account that's pretty popular they still find the time to like or comment every post I've made since starting out which I find just so endearing. 
  8. Holly Make Up Loves - A beauty Instagram blogger. I really love the products and looks she posts. Also her hair is to die for, I'd like to know more secrets on her hair products! What I like most about her is the products she uses are a bunch of unknown super expensive products, they're lines I know and can afford myself. 
  9. Modern Muse Living - Fashion blogger, I know there are hundreds of fashion bloggers out there but there's something more that I like about Lili's page. She is very elegant compared to the rest, plus you can feel how sweet her personality is from her smile in her photos. Make sure you check out her stunning photos from Greece! 
  10. Get Active with Alison - This is one hard working momma getting back to a healthy mental and physical shape. She wakes up at like 4am to ensure she gets her workouts in, super motivating and bares it all with sweaty selfies! 

I'd love to hear some of your favourite bloggers to follow so please let me know who you think I should be following! 

Also, if you can help me out with the spaces on Instagram I'll love you forever.