Rejuvenate Yourself in 2018


JAN 11 2018

(Hashtag) New Year, New You! 

The holidays are now officially done. Kids are back at school and you're just ending your first full week back to work. If you're anything like me you probably ate too much, drank too much (not this year because of breastfeeding, so I just ate more desserts as compensation), stayed up too late and just had no balance in life for those 2 weeks of festivities. We are physically and mentally paying the price and are in serious need of rejuvenation! Here are a few of my faves to get your body and soul back to pre-holiday mode. 

Still Spa Essentials Coconut Milk Hydrating Mask - The holidays are all about applying and removing makeup, an endless cycle really. This coconut milk mask is wonderful for rehydrating your abused face. It's not a peel off mask but a wash off mask. My skin is so freakin' soft after and my face smell like vacation! Best part, the mask is under $2 AND you can get 2 uses out of the pack. Unless you have a big face, then just the one use out of it (Haha!). I just store mine in a ziplock bag to keep it from drying out. You can find them in the beauty department at Walmart or at this link

"Green Drink" - This is your basic morning lemon water but with a twist! The twist, parsley! I know you're thinking "ew, what the hell?" Honestly I can barely taste the parsley in this drink. Why is this drink a good kick start to your mornings? As we know lemon detoxifies waste from our kidneys and the parsley contains vitamins that aid in our digestion, and has also been known to reduce inflammation, improve immunity (a must in these winter months) and helps reduce the risks or spread of cancer. I usually drink this when I first wake up and then wait 30 minutes after to eat my breakfast. 

  1. Leaves of about 4 to 6 parsley sprigs. 
  2. 1 to 1 1/2 cups water.
  3. Blend the 2 together, I use the "liquefy" mode on my blender.
  4. Pour into a cup and add a fresh squeeze of lemon juice. I also throw the lemon wedge into my drink.

Comfy Pants - We all need those "comfort blanket" pants after over indulging. My go to's are Roots sweats for when lounging at home. My going out (and pants I wore throughout most of my pregnancy) are my Lulu's. You can dress these babies up or be casual in them. Honestly, does anyone actually wear their Lulu's to workout in?  

Roots Salt N Pepper Pants

Lulu Leggings

Day Planner - I looooove the start of every new year and making my trip to Chapters to pick up my new day planner! I always go after New Years as they put most of their planners on sale. This is the day planner I picked up this year. Adorable right?! It has so many pages for notes prior to each month (a must for me that day planners of my past have lacked), a full calendar page and then week by week pages. I'm old school and NEED to write out my tasks, appointments, people's birthdays, bill payments and social plans. I can't rely on a tech planner for my day to day life. 

Yoga with Adriene - I love this girl! My sister introduced me to her channel 3 yeas ago and I've been hooked ever since. Adriene starts the New Year with a full month yoga program or challenge.  She uploads a new video every day in January to help you get on the right spiritual and fitness path. She also has morning yoga routines, better sleep or night yoga, yoga specific to runners, weight loss, mummy and daddy's. Pretty much a yoga sesh for whatever your intention may be - Oh and she's great for beginner yogis!

Lavender Lullaby - Our bodies are out of whack thanks to the gruelling holiday schedule... or maybe it's just me feeling that way. Time to catch up on much needed z's, but if you're like me you have trouble settling that brain down. I use this spray for the calming smell and to help me fall asleep faster. I spray 3 to 4 sprays on each side of my pillow, only because my head gets hot and I switch my pillow back and forth! I buy my spray from my spiritual store Akasha's Den but the company who makes this spray and a few others is Nature Makes Scents

Let me know if you try the green drink or any of the other suggestions! I'd love to hear from you.