Spring Essentials


april 11, 2018

Anyone else feel like this is the winter that will never end?

Winter, the guest who doesn’t know when they’ve over stayed their welcome. Plus it’s not even a guest you particularly enjoy but I have seen signs of spring this past week. I see grass on people’s lawns, dead grass, but grass nonetheless. I’ve heard birds singing in the rays of sunshine, the days are getting longer and the temperatures have been above 0 celsius. I mean at like 10pm last night the temperature was 1 celsius! Maybe winter is finally getting the hint? Maybe spring is finally ready to say HELLO! To get us prepped for my second favourite season of the year I’m listing some of my staple spring items. As I did for my February Essentials list I’m including a Spring Essential Experience in this list. Enjoy and let me know some of your spring essentials, I'm all about the sharing! 

A Bomber Vest - I live in my black bomber vest all spring season. I actually don't own a casual spring coat so my casual spring look is usually a hoody and my bomber vest. I’ve had my black vest since high school, since then I’ve added to my vest collection because a girl needs variety. Maybe bomber vests aren’t even in style anymore, but I don’t give a shit. I LOVE my vests. Judging by a quick search for vests to reference for this post, they do still seem to be in style as you can find a variety at Sport Chek and Lulu Lemon.

Colourful Accessory Scarves - Spring is not cold enough for turtle necks still, but not quite warm enough, for me anyhow, to have my neck and chest exposed. I like to accessorize my spring look with super colourful scarves. Bright peaches, yellows, turquoise, pinks, bright flowered patterns. The scarves serve their purpose of keeping me warm while brightening up my drabby winter wardrobe I still have to wear because our springs aren't quite warm enough for cuteness. My fave go to for my colourful scarves is Ardene. You can’t go wrong with 3 scarves for $15! 

“M.L.T.” - I’m sure I didn’t invent this but I’ve been eating it quite a bit for breakfast in the past month and you need to get on this train. Also yes, yes I did include a sandwich on my Spring Essentials list. It’s a Mushroom, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich and with tomatoes coming back into season you’ll enjoy this even more! The easy "recipes" is below.

  1. 3 to 4 mushrooms, sliced thinly and sautéed in coconut or avocado oil. If you are non-vegan go ahead and use butter, or I guess you'd just be eating a B.L.T.? Season the mushrooms with a bit of Montreal Steak Spice. 
  2. Toast your bread, I use Dimpflmeier Healthy Living Prebiotic Multigrain Bread
  3. Spread vegan mayo (or normal mayo) on one of the toasted slices. If you aren’t a mayo fan try some hummus. 
  4. Put as much arugula lettuce as you like over the mayo sliced piece of bread. Feel free to use another type of lettuce if you aren’t an arugula fan. 
  5. Place tomato slices and red onion slices over top of the arugula. 
  6. Top with the sautéed mushrooms and sliced avocado. 
  7. Squirt mustard on the other toasted slice of bread and viola! 

One messy, delish and fulfilling breakfast sandwich!

Cute Running Shoes - As soon as the weather is warm enough for me to sport my bomber vest the running shoes are next. I am a walker, I love walking like runners love running. If I’m in a bad mood I walk, if I need to clear my head I walk, if I need to figure out a solution to a problem I walk. Sometimes I even suggest a walk when meeting up with a friend versus having a tea. Am I weird? Probably. Much like a runner I like to sport a cute sneaker when I walk, it makes me feel athletic ok. Last year I bought the Adidas Tubular Viral 2 in Ice Pink. Not only is the colour adorable but they are like walking on a cloud. I love a sneaker I don’t have to wear with socks and these are perfect for that. No hard areas that rub against my feet causing uncomfortable and ugly blisters. 

Infantino Baby Carrier - As we know from above, I love to walk and I have been waiting for the weather to be warm enough to strap the baby in this and go for long distance walks with her. Yes the stroller is great but also a pain in the ass. With the carrier I'm able to go on a walk with her and my sweet fur babes, finally! The dogs are terrified of the stroller plus a total pain in the ass to push and try and keep 2 dogs in line. 

Ashley Conrad’s Clutch Life 24/7 At Home Core Workout - I’ve incorporated this video into my at home workouts and it’s harder then it looks. What I love most about this ab workout is the unique moves for the side obliques. I've never seen them before and my side obliques have been a struggle since the babe arrived.  

Spring Essential Experience Plant Nite - We all know what a Paint Night is, well same concept except you get to make a cute little terrarium or planter! I don't think you could find a more perfect experience for spring. Get a group of you best girlfriends together for a unique girls night out. There are tons of plant design options to choose from and locations around the GTA. Our planters were sand based with air plants. The plant night is not as long as the paint night so I definitely suggest meeting your girls, or boys, for dinner before hand and some drinks. I know the experience can be a bit expensive so if you’re on a budget host a plant night at home! You can get all your materials from Wayfair.ca, the coloured stones, colourful sand and super unique glass bowl vases. I’d get your plants from a local garden house and a nice bottle of wine from the LCBO. Pull up Youtube and there are a ton of DIY plant bowl videos. Like this gem from when my sister and I dipped into Youtube. Don’t laugh to much ok.


After you're done laughing at that Youtube video I'd love to hear what you think of the list and the essential experience! Have you ever experienced a plant night yourself? What are some of your go to spring essentials? As always I'd love to hear from you and keep the conversation going!