Summer Essentials


AUG 2, 2018


*singing at the top of my tone deaf lungs* IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! We are officially in the full swing of SUMMER baby! I have always, and will forever be a summer lovin' chick. I know some of you turned on summer and “looove” fall, but I will never be swayed from my love of sunshine and hot ass temperatures. My summer essentials is a mix of items I’ve loyally loved in past summers and a few new loves for this summer. As always with my essential list I’ve included an essential experience for summer! 

Stila Stay All Day Lipstick in Caramello - This lipstick will last you like 3 years because literally you only need to apply it once and it stays on all day! I've done the drink test, food test, it doesn't start to fade at all. The "Caramello" colour is gorgeous with a summer tan and fast became my summer go to lipstick. It's the perfect colour for everyday wear. 

2018-08-02 10.48.11 1.jpg

Australian Gold Suntan Lotion with Instant Bronzer - I have loved these sun tan lotions since I was in high school. I remember back then I could only ever buy it when I went to Florida with my best friend and her family. If I wasn't going to Florida but friends were I would put my order in for lotions to bring back for me. I love the smell of this sun tan lotion and how it doesn’t leave an icky heavy film on my skin like other lotions do. The fact it gives me a bit of an instant sun kissed look is a bonus! 

Stephanie Plum Book Series - This series of novels are my absolute fave! They are a simple and light, much like summer is! They are so funny I’ve laughed out loud while reading them, by myself. I find in summer I read the most when up at the cottage, usually with other people and it’s easy to get distracted while trying to read. I’d much prefer to get into an easy read like this series then into a more serious thought provoking book when I can’t give it my full attention. Also don’t base these novels on that one movie they made "based" on the first novel in this series, that one movie with Katherine Heigel as Stephanie Plum. I’ve never been more disappointed in a book to movie, not one actor was cast correctly for the characters. Such a huge let down compared to how hilariously good the books are. 


Madden Girl Backpack - In the summer, as you know, I take a lot of day trips and the last thing I want to do is lug around my shoulder purse. My small cross purse never fits all I need for a day trip. I was so stoked to find this adorable rose pink backpack at Nordstrom Rack and it’s fast become my go to day trip “purse”. 

Wind Chimes - It’s the simple things in life - I love the sound of wind chimes while I’m sitting outside in my backyard. If summer had an official sound it would be the wind chime. I envision a large wrap around porch in my future and wind chimes of all sizes and sounds all around the porch. For now I will continue to enjoy my cute wooden wind chime, it reminds me of being somewhere tropical. 

Essential Experience - I was having a really hard time coming up with ONE essential experience for my summer list, there’s just so many wonderful things to experience in the summer. I decided to go with a good ol’ faithful as my essential experience, a simple picnic. There's just something so magical about a picnic. Maybe because it’s something we did often as a family when I was a child? Or maybe because picnics allow for a variety of foods which is also another favourite thing of mine. I love an array of foods and flavours versus having one big meal. 

What would you pick as your summer essential experience? What are some of your go to essentials for summer? I'd love to hear them!