Betraying My Baby


Jan 15 2018

Ok, the title of this post is way more dramatic then the actual content but this is how I feel taking my little lovely for her shots. She's just so innocent and trusting of me, and then BAM I have voluntarily taken her to experience pain. I can't even give her a heads up or explain the pain is temporary. I also acknowledge in the grand scheme of scenarios, vaccinations are nothing in comparison to what some children and their worried parents go through and I feel like an absolute ass about it. I just have such anxiety before her shots come up. I figured the first time was because well, it was the first time, the unknown.  However her second round is coming up and I feel just as anxious as the first time, if not more.  That sweet little happy face with those big bright eyes looking up at the doctor before he sticks her with a needle haunts me! How do you as a momma cope or squash the anxiety of your baby going for their shors? Or in general if you suffer from anxieties what are some tips to overcome those feelings? I'm open to all suggestions!