My Baby Was Ready


JAN 31 2018

I wasn't ready for this, my husband and I discussed it and I kept selfishly putting it off. My baby transitioning from her bassinet to her crib. To me this move closed the chapter on the brand new baby stage, all those first moments and the coziness of our baby bubble. Really, I'm just not ready for her to grow and be more independent of me. We are an "us" and I know much sooner then later we won't be, so I want to hold on to every piece of us I can. In my irrational mum emotions my heart breaks at her empty bassinet, that I can't easily peak in on her during the nights, hear her little night sighs or giggles in her sleep and that we will no longer be woken up by her little coo's in our room. I'm sorry but a monitor is NOT the same thing. I'm crazy, I know this and I guess my little babe new it too so she made the decision for US. I put her in her crib after her bath while I cleaned up and prepped for bedtime. When I returned she had put herself to sleep. I told my husband and we agreed if she didn't wake up we'd leave her in the crib. I said this full well knowing she ALWAYS gets up after the initial put down. An hour rolls by, 2 hours, 3 hours. By this time its getting late my eyes are heavy, I need to go to bed myself. Just like that she decided for herself, and her momma, she was ready for her big girl room. She was ready to start establishing her own identity while slowly closing the gap on "us".