APRIL 17, 2019

Once spring finally rolls around I’m more then ready to say goodbye to all the winter layers, and most of all that bulky winter coat. When you pack that winter coat away for good in your closet it feels like you’ve lost 5 pounds. I’m not even joking, I have to readjust my driver’s seat as I feel further away from the steering wheel when not in my winter coat. Maybe my winter coat is just real extra?

Spring is the Moto Jacket season! Just scroll through your Instagram feed for proof! You also know I love a versatile piece of clothing from my previous posts, and this jacket is pretty much at the top of the versatile items list. You can throw it over any outfit to create an edgier chic look.

Today’s blog is a brief look at 3 of my favourite ways to wear a Moto Jacket. All 3 are very simple looks to pull off with items that are for sure already sitting in your closet.


Denim Darling

The perfect duo, “leather” and denim. Totally biker chic and I just feel cool sporting it. This combo is the easiest throw together outfit, skinny jeans, mom jeans, ripped jeans, jean skirts, dark jeans, black jeans… The possibilities with your denim choices are endless. I always prefer to pair my denim and Moto with a solid block neutral coloured shirt, like white, black, grey or tan. I just love the simplicity of that look.


Weekend Warrior

My go to weekend outfit, loose fitting shirt with stretchy yoga pants! Throwing a Moto jacket over this weekend look brings this super leisure outfit up a notch. Plus the Moto jacket brings some shape to your super comfy loose fitting shirt. You can also swap out the yoga pants for joggers, throw on a cute slip on sneaker, top knot in the hair and you’re ready to tackle those weekend tasks in style!


Rockstar Wannabe

Does Animal print and “leather” not scream late 80’s early 90’s rock babe? Just don’t bring back the super teased hair and shoulder pads please. If I want a look that to me feels a little extra edgy and sexy, I’ll totally step out in a fun animal print and Moto jacket. It’s the perfect outfit for a date, fun girls night out or a late night semi-casual event. If you aren’t feeling full on rock babe, go with an animal print slip on shoe or headband.

What’s your favourite way to sport your Moto jacket in the spring? Are you as excited to ditch your winter jacket as I am?

Stay edgy & chic my friends,