APRIL 2, 2019

I stumbled upon this blazer coat accidentally, though I guess how accidentally can you stumble upon a piece of clothing while in a clothing store? Ha! Anyhow, I saw it and immediately had the idea for a blog post. Not to mention I thought it was super cute on AND it was on sale! Basically a fate scenario in my fashion books. Believe it or not, this is your girls first blazer coat. I have blazers, but not of this heavier material or in that “coat” like style. A piece like this is a great alternative to a full on coat or the ever popular moto jacket for spring. I’ve created two outfits with the one blazer, the obvious one being the dressed up version and the second being the much more casual version. I found the blazer makes even the most casual of outfits look very polished.  

 Outfit 1 - The Dolled Up Lady Look

Easiest option as your main piece for the dolled up version of your blazer, a dress! No surprise I went for a bold brightly coloured dress, perfect for saying HELLO it’s spring! I love how the speckled white and black in the blazer paired with the red dress. For a more minimalist chic look, a black or white dress underneath would be just as beautiful. Actually my other dolled up outfit idea was going to be an all black ensemble. Black skinnies with black turtleneck. I love my bolds but I’m also such a fan of the minimal outfits. You can totally reverse this too, with a bold blazer coat over a solid dark coloured base piece or pieces. This dolled up option is perfect for those Easter services or brunches coming up, wearing to the office (like I do) or all those baby and wedding showers on the horizon.


Outfit 2 - The Casual Girl Look

I planned to pair my blazer coat with a cute loose fitting wide v-neck white tee, bralette and cute flat sneakers. You know, a cute casual look for spring. Mother Nature is a crazy lady and the day I shot the look it friggin’ snowed! For those not familiar, this is Spring in Canada. I had to modify my casual look in order to stay warm, and actually totally got the hoodie under a nice “coat”, in this case blazer, from my sees-ter. Full authenticity, the jeans and sweatshirt are both her’s. We are currently living under the same roof and a lot of my clothing is packed away, so she essential sponsored this post! I love that I can take this blazer from the office to a casual Sunday stroll through Home Depot, which is totally what I did on Sunday, or the grocery store, meeting up for coffee. Whatever! I’m just happy I don’t have to “type cast” this blazer for just the office and it can be totally pulled off with ripped jeans and above the ankle block heels.


So which are you? The Dressed Up Lady or The Casual Girl? Maybe you’re both, just like your basic bitch here.

Stay Fashionable!