Winter Salad Wednesday- Spicy Shrimp Salad


FEB 7 2018

It's my second warm salad for Winter Salad Wednesday guys! Have you tried out my first salad yet? Would love to know if you liked it, or didn't like it even. This spicy salad is perfect for today's snowy cold day, it has a nice "heat" to it to warm your tummy! 

A lettuce mix like a baby kale or garden mix works best for this salad. 



White Mushroom.


Green Onion.

Sliced or slivered almonds.

Cajun Spice.

Cayenne Pepper.

Sesame Seeds.

Feel free to also add some bell pepper. I love bell peppers but my stomach has a hard time digesting them so I've had to cut them out of my regular diet. I prefer a yellow or orange bell pepper for this salad.

I use pre-cooked frozen shrimps, defrosted or honestly throw em in a pan with some water frozen. If you throw them in frozen make sure to drain the water the shrimp is going to give off as it warms, otherwise it will water down the flavour of the spices. The edamame I use is also frozen and I throw them into the pan with the frozen shrimps. I throw about 8-10 shrimps and a handful of edamame for a single serve salad. Once the shrimps and edamame are defrosted and you've drained the water throw some coconut oil (or if you prefer butter) in the pan to sauté the mushrooms. I use one large mushroom cut into slices for a single serve salad. This is where you would also add your pepper slices if using them.  I then add my cajun spice and cayenne pepper. Do this by taste, and careful on the cayenne because I swear it gets spicier when heated!

Add cooked ingredients to the lettuce mix, cukes, green onion and almonds. Mix with fresh lime (or lemon if you prefer) and avocado oil as you dressing.  Top with sesame seeds. 

I also like to add a pinch of sea salt and sometimes avocado slices. 

Let me know if you try it out!