Winter Salad Wednesday - Roasted Carrot & Beet Quinoa Salad


This recipe isn't "mine". A friend and I often made large lunches to share with one another and this was one she made! I'm not a cooked carrott fan AT ALL. My mum always said, oh you'll grow out of that. I still despise the taste of cooked carrott's, but the carrott's in this salad are roasted and for whatever reason I can stomach them. So not only did my friend hook me up with a yummo salad but opened my palette to roasted carrott's making my mother happy. 

I prefer making this salad the night before eating it so it can sit in fridge soaking up the flavours.

Here's what you'll need and this will make lunch for the whole work week! 

1 carrot

2 small-medium beets

Red Onion


Avocado or Olive Oil

Half a fresh lemon


Sea Salt


1. Peel your carrot and beets and cut into rounds.

2. Drizzle with avocado oil and roast in oven at 350 F for 15 mins. Let cool, while its cooling you can prep your quinoa. Once carrot and beet slices are cooled, cut them into quarters (or smaller if you prefer). Throw in bowl.

3. Add cut up raw red onion chunks and tomato chunks. This is a play by ear in terms of how much you need. You aren't going to use a whole onion or even a half pending size of onion, unless you're making a massive amount of this salad. I used almost an entire beefsteak tomato though.

4. Add your quinoa, I used black quinoa for this and added say 1 cup of the quinoa made. So I had extra quinoa for that night's dinner!

5. Add a decent amount of avocado or olive oil. Sorry I'm not much of a measurer! Enough to make the quinoa look moist. Then half a fresh lemon squeezed over top. Kosher salt for taste. Taste test to see, maybe you like more citrus taste or more salt. Once you have your desired taste met let the mixture sit in fridge overnight to absorb all the yumminess!

When ready to eat, heat up quinoa mixture to room temperature (20-30 seconds in micro) and serve over a bed of arugula lettuce. Add cucumber chunks and enjoy!

Such an easy delicious lunch option!