JAN 30, 2019

Do I dare ask, how we’re all surviving this current deep freeze? We are in the thick of it right now friends, and it’s only going to get worse. Ugh. I am totally struggling with these frigid temperatures and it’s totally killing my outfit mojo. To try and get my fashion mojo back up, I decided to create some looks that keep you warm but still have you looking cute and stylish. No Yeti look here! So, was I successful with my little fashion “experiment”? To be honest, no. There is literally no way to look cute and stay effing warm in -30 degrees celsius. The proof is in the pictures I’ve included in this blog post. I’m laughing out loud as I type this, thinking about me wandering about town with no jacket to get the perfect “look how warm, cozy and cute I am” picture, meanwhile there was an actual snow hurricane* going on. Don’t believe me? Pay close attention to my insane hair thanks to the snow hurricane*. Big shout out to my sister for being forced to wander around town with me and take my pictures, when really she could have been cozily cocooned in a cozy blanket inside her house. 

So, I may not have fully solved the “how to stay cute and warm” all winter dilemma but I still created three cute looks to sport for the next few months of winter. You just gotta ensure you wear one of those full body sleeping bags they make for camping out in Alaska and then unzip that sleeping bag and reveal your cute “AF” winter look! On top of getting creative with 3 fun looks, I had a great time laughing at myself, and my hair, seriously. Look at it. Plus it was a lovely Sunday spent catching up with my sister who I haven’t had one on one time with in forever! I think both my fashion and regular mojo’s were lifted thanks to this blog post. Check the 3 ways to still look your best self this winter below!

Layer up! Duh, the most obvious style tactic for winter. You have that cute blouse or tank from the summer you still want to wear, but it’s waaaay to cold. Throw on a big cozy oversized sweater or knit, a tight turtleneck under that summer tank, leggings under a skirt or dress instead of pantyhose. I think every closest should own the staple oversized winter sweater in black or cream. It’s money well spent, because you’ll wear it all season long and either one of those colours go with multiple outfits. 

Create an outfit entirely around your blanket scarf. I got this huge, beautiful warm scarf from Walmart for $15. I’ve worn it as a shawl sweater over a dress to the office, I’ve worn it loosely hanging for a casual look with jeans while shopping, I’ve used it simply to just keep warm on a super cold day. This particular look could be for either the office or casual night out. I have to say, out of my three looks I pieced together for this post, this was the warmest! Maybe this scarf is magical? 

My staple winter, um, footwear? … is the over the knee boot! I’m obsessed with over the knee boots and I think they perk up any winter outfit. Plus they keep your calves and knees warm, am I right? Ok, maybe that’s a stretch but having your over the knee boot keeps the snow off your feeties unlike the ankle bootie. Over the knee is great to wear with your cute skirt or dress in the winter months, I’m serious, they do keep your legs warmer! 


There ya have it, how to look cute all winter long and somewhat warm! How are you staying stylish this winter? 

*I have no scientific proof there is such thing as a snow hurricane.