JAN 17, 2019

The first full week of 2019 has come and gone and we are already half way through the second week of the new year. Like I said, 2020 will literally be on our doorstep tomorrow. As promised my lovelies, I documented what I wore my first week of 2019. You’ll notice one outfit missing for the work week, the babe spiked a pretty high fever and I stayed home one day to keep an eye on her. I assume no one wanted to see my robe that’s like 12 years old and PJ’s look for that day. To make up for the missed work outfit, I included my outfits for the weekend, one of which isn’t that fancy, but hashtag real life am I right?

I also apologize for the not so great quality shots of my outfits. It’s pretty hectic in the mornings to pose for outfit photo’s, and actually not that bright out when I leave for work, and even darker when I get home at the end of the day. Hashtag, winter problems. Maybe you should start a drinking game on this post, take a shot for every time I spell out the word hashtag. Bottoms up friends!

Outfit 1

These pants are a newer purchase I snagged at Marshall’s before the holidays. They are literally the definition of “work pant”, and I feel like regardless of how professional or fancy the top is, these pants make the entire look very dressed up. I’ve worn them twice since purchasing them and both times I’ve been told how “dressed up” I look. For this look I paired it with a simple long v-neck shirt in burgundy/wine colour that I got from Garage years ago. I love the combination of grey and burgundy, especially in the winter. I have to say, it’s a little bit of getting used to pants that go OVER a boot, since most of my pants are straight skinny legged and the boots go over the pants. It’s a bit of a adjustment but I’m looking forward to when it’s a bit warmer out, like spring time, and I can wear these pants with a nice pump.

 Outfit 2

This turtleneck was purchased from Dynamite during their Black Friday sale. I originally wanted to pair this shirt with a sort of retro hand me down brown and black checker patterned mini-skirt and my knee high suede brown wedge boots. Unfortunately the skirt had a rip on the zipper hem and needed repairing. Hashtag, fashion problems. (Drink up!) In the end the ripped hem worked out in my favour because I got to sport my new fringed booties, gifted to me at Christmas, from Ardene. They matched perfectly with the turtleneck. To break up the skirt and turtleneck and polish the outfit up a bit I added the belt.

 Outfit 3

I think this is my fave look of the week, and honestly one of my fave winter go to outfits. This sweater “coat” has so many tiny classy details that make it perfect for work or a dressy outing. Also, pockets! I always up the look by pairing them with my shiny black leggings. The knee high boots, another Black Friday Dynamite purchase, wrap the look up so perfectly! I. Am. In. Love. with these boots. They’re a black suede slouchy boot and the heel isn’t too high so great for a night out of dancing or walking about. They’re my first Dynamite shoe purchase and I’m quite pleased, the sizing is true to your regular size at any store and the quality is pretty good. Only complaints I have is I think because of the slouching style, the material bunches up at the ankle so you get a bit of resistance when trying to get your foot in. Also the soles of the shoe are very slippery, so you’ll need to grab a pair of those no-slip sticky sole patches so you don’t die while wearing them out and about. I have NO idea what those no-slip sole patches are actually called, that garble of words together was my best guess!

Outfit 4

Good ol’ faithful black vest. I love pairing my vests with a lightweight coloured turtleneck in the winter. The vest takes your boring old winter turtleneck up a notch, and kind of gives it “new life”. Maybe just me? I own a lot of turtlenecks for the winter because my neck and chest are so super sensitive to cold weather. Again, I paired the outfit with my slouchy knee high boots, but ankle booties would work just as well! This look would also be great with a dark or black wash jean!

 Outfit 5

BONUS outfit, but honestly I wore my PJ’s all day until I had to go to my Bootcamp class and this is what I wore to workout in. Then I came home and changed back into my PJ’s. However, I thought it was a great chance to show off one of the tops I got from my #1 choice from this post. I love the cut out detail in the back, and actually come to think of it, the sports bra I’m wearing came from the same place! The workout pants are like 100 years old, and I think my mum bought them for me from Costco.

 Outfit 6

BONUS outfit 2! This was my look for a girls brunch! I’m all about adding colour where and when I can in my winter wardrobe, and this dusty pink sweater (I also wore my dusty pink teddy coat) was perfect for a girls brunch. I wore my burgundy Ardene ankle booties for that extra pop of colour and black skinnies. I got the jeans as a hand me down so I have no idea where they came from, I was just delighted they were the perfect length for my shortness. To keep the ol’ neck warm while walking to and from brunch, I wore a knitted infinity scarf I got from a trip to Cannes. Who else buys items of clothes from places they’ve traveled instead of the typical magnet? Truth be told I also buy the magnets as a souvenir gift for the fam, and a fashion item or accessory for myself.

So there ya have it, my looks for saying “haaaaay” to 2019! Which look was your favourite? I bet #5 right? What other fashion posts would you like to see from me in 2019? As I’m sure you can tell, I love creating fashion content for the blog and I’m hoping to bring even more for you in 2019, but would love to know some of the stuff you’d like to see. Let me know in the comments!

I’ve also linked similar items from my post below, so hashtag happy shopping! And, for good measure hashtag happy drinking!