FEB 6, 2019

In my post about coping with seasonal affective disorder I mentioned one way I cope is by adding a pop of colour to my winter outfits. Winter, for the most part, is grey. You wake up it’s dark, most of the day is dark, you get home from work it’s dark. This would be manageable if it were a few months, but winter drags on for at least 6 months. Personally, I like to say we have winter 10 months out of the 12 but I’m dramatic. My winter wardrobe totally reflects the atmosphere of winter, mostly black and grey. The odd dark burgundy, blue or burnt red brown item is sometimes thrown in. Just lots and lots of the darkest shade of colours you can find. Is your winter wardrobe pretty much the same? 

I probably started adding colour to my winter wardrobe with the purchase of a hot pink turtleneck from Smart Set like 15 years ago! Anyone remember Smart Set? Much like how Smart Set is long gone, that turtleneck is long gone. It just got to tight and to small for my liking, but that hasn’t stopped me from incorporating colour into my winter wardrobe to this day. There are so many easy ways to add a pop of colour into your sad winter wardrobe. I’m listing some of the ways I like to brighten up my winter below, and I’ve got some subtle ways you can add colour to your wardrobe for those of you a bit afraid to take that colour leap!


The simplest way to brighten up that all black winter ensemble, and also the easiest, especially for someone scared of colour. Accessories are the perfect dip into the world of colour for those of you a bit timid about colours. Think necklaces, earrings, bracelets, a colourful belt. Even rings can be found in colours that are a reminder of those warmer summer days. 


Scarves, Gloves & Hats

Ok, I suppose I could have included these items in the accessory category but scarves, gloves and hats are specific to winter and felt it’s own category was warranted in this case. Where do I grab all my colourful scarves, hats or gloves? Ardene, baby! Where else can you buy 3 scarves for like $15? Ardene has a variety of styles, colours and patterns to choose from. Walmart is another good option for winter accessories on a budget, especially if you aren’t that into colour and are trying it out for the first time. The last thing you want to do is go buy a super expensive brand and never wear it. Again this is a great option for someone just starting to experiment with colours in your winter wardrobe.

Shirts, Skirts, Dresses and Pants

If you’re feeling more adventurous or are more experienced with colour, then go full out with a main component of an outfit. You can easily take an item from your summer or spring wardrobe and incorporate it into your winter one. That beautiful coloured t-shirt blouse you have. Throw a nice cozy open knit sweater overtop. Coloured skirt from your spring wardrobe. Pair that with some tights, over the knee boots and a tucked in warm cashmere sweater. I’ve also noticed the past few winters a lot of stores now carry items in brighter colours for the winter. This season would have been the perfect time to scoop up an item in beautiful emerald green, or really any shade of green. Don’t be afraid to go for the coloured turtleneck over its neutral coloured counterpart. Also, don’t think you have to go straight bold and bright to incorporate colour, you can totally go for soft pastel coloured items also. I’m obsessed with anything that comes in that dusty rose pink colour. 



I used to have this thing where I had a summer and a winter purse. Sometimes I threw a fall or spring purse into the mix too. I’m sure you can guess that my summer purse would always be a summery colour or pattern and my winter purses would be, well grey, black or brown. I’m saying “screw” the rules, that maybe I alone created for purses, and use your damn summer purse in the winter! Not ready for that, what about just going for a brightly coloured wallet then? Kate Spade has such a beautiful variety of colours in their wallets.


This is probably the biggest colour commitment of all of the items I’ve listed. More then likely it would be the most expensive purchase of all of the options, plus you’ll be wearing your winter coat all season long, and almost every day. If you aren’t afraid of colour, like me, go for this option! What a way to perk up each dreary dark winter day! 


Really my list of items could go on forever, because the possibilities for adding colour into your winter wardrobe are endless. You just have to take that first leap! If this blog post inspires you to wear some colour for these last few winter months, be sure to post that outfit on Instagram and tag me so I can see you!

Stay colourful friends,