DEC 12, 2018

I don’t think it’s a surprise I love any excuse to get glammed up, and the holidays are the ultimate time for glamming! If you read my Holiday Spirit post you know that planning and figuring out my Christmas outfit(s) is one of the things that helps get my Christmas mojo flowing! Obviously the style of your outfit depends on the event you are attending, for example an event out at a restaurant or a work party I tend to lean more towards a nice above the knee dress or a fancy shirt and skirt. For my stay at home family dinner I prefer a nice pant and shirt because I’m looking for comfort. Even a nice knee length skirt with a cute tucked in knit turtleneck is a great Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner at home outfit. The look I’ve created actually works for both holiday scenarios. I think the cut of these slacks and the built in tie belt are dressy enough to wear to a cocktail event, especially when paired with the gold sequin shirt and cute high heels. However you can totally pull off wearing this for family dinner at an in home setting. The pants are super comfy, so you won’t feel like a stuffed sausage after indulging in all the Christmas dinner! If you think the shirt is too fancy for an at home dinner, swap the gold sequins for a nice black tucked in blouse.


I know a lot of people tend to gravitate towards wearing red for Christmas, but I loved this fall’s trend colour, emerald green. That trend colour can totally transition you into the holidays, I almost think green is the forgotten colour of Christmas. I got these pants from Marshall’s but you can literally find this colour and style everywhere. It’s just finding your size that’s the trickiest part! If emerald green pants aren’t your jam, go for simpler touches of Emerald green in jewelry or a sweet headband. If you are looking to make a statement, but just not in the form of pants, go with a beautiful pleated emerald green skirt, elegant blouse or blazer. I saw a lot of skirts in shiny materials and even velvet in this colour, so perfect for the Christmas season! I think the best part about these pants is that they are totally transitional to wear to the office, so you aren’t wasting money on a once a year pant. I’ve been guilty of that kind of crap in the past, so shameful.


We all know I have a love of wearing gold, mostly in jewellery form, for the fall and winter months so pairing this gold sequin top with the Emerald green pants was a no brainer. Plus is there even such a thing as Christmas without sequins? I didn’t think so. I snagged this cute V-neck t-shirt at Nordstrom Rack and I think the great thing about this top is it can be worn with any other colour down the road for the holidays, and you can totally repeat it for New Years with a different bottom!

In addition to linking where you can shop similar pants and shirt, below I’ve linked some emerald green blouses, jewels and dresses!

 Sooooooo, what’s everyone wearing?