JAN 6, 2019

Faster then we can say Happy 2018, it’s already 2019. Do you think it’s that the previous year goes so quickly, or is it the new year that comes so fast? That question is kind of a mind game isn’t it? With every new year comes new goals or resolutions for bettering ourselves, and if it’s not on the top of your list it’s probably in the top 5 of your resolutions. Getting healthier, which usually includes amping up or incorporating a fitness routine into your lifestyle. With that resolution perhaps you are in need of some new workout clothing because your old clothing is too big or too small. Maybe including a fitness routine into your lifestyle is totally brand new so you have no workout clothes to begin with, or maybe you like to get new workout clothes as a motivator to crush your fitness goals. Whatever your reasoning for getting a new workout wardrobe you probably aren’t looking to break the bank on any of your workout wardrobe. This is just assuming one of your other top 5 goals for the new year is either saving more money or paying off debts. Well, I got your back and I’m sharing my top 3 places to buy super affordable workout clothes. My top choice may even surprise you! 

#3 - Winners or Marshalls

This is your best bet for a huge selection and variety of workout clothing, and even gear like weights, yoga mats, water bottles, stability balls etc. Both stores also carry brand names but at much friendly prices, like Adidas, Nike, Puma & Reebok. I also like the fact that regardless of what season we’re in they carry year round all season garments. Meaning you can find work out shorts in the middle of winter and leggings or full sleeve workout tops in the summer. The only reason Winners and Marshalls are last on my list is I find because of the lower costs on the brand name items, the quality is poorer. As in the material is super see through, which is fine for at home workouts but not necessarily public workouts. Their tops and sports bras, as well as workout shorts are all great quality and I’ve never had any issues.


#2 - Forever 21


I was skeptical when I first grabbed a pair of “yoga leggings” from Forever 21. I thought they’ll be too tight, too fashion forward for someone of my age, *laughs awkwardly*, but that first pair of workout pants I tried on at Forever 21 are to this day my absolute favourite workout leggings. They are very similar to these one, except my black mesh goes the full length down the side of the legs. Their workout clothes are incredibly affordable, made of breathable materials, HIGH waisted and excellent quality. I’ve had that pair of leggings for 4+ years, wear them very often for working out which means they get washed a lot and I have yet to see any sort of evidence that I’ve owned and lived in them that long. Right now they are having a 50% off sale on most of their activewear line, so you can find items starting at $12! 

#1 - Walmart

Yup. You read that right, Walmart is my top choice for my workout clothes. They carry a brand called Athletic Works and I buy up all of their Dri-More items. I have a pair of black shiny capri workout pants I wear all the time and multiple workout tops and sports bras. You seriously can’t go wrong as the pricing starts at $20 and the quality is very good, the items are super comfortable as well as breathable. My only complaint on Walmart, or well the one by me, is the activewear section is a bit of a mess and it’s hard to find your size. Plus to find the same style you saw in store online is difficult. I find Walmart’s website to not be very functional. I usually just do a look through while grocery shopping and stumble upon an item I really like, though I’ve been eyeing an adorable black full length pant with ribbing and mesh detail but can only ever find it in every size but the one I need. Such a bummer! 

Were you surprised by my #1 choice for workout clothes? Where are your go to’s for your fave workout items? Now that I’ve been on the Forever 21 website and see their 50% sale I may have to grab a few new pair of pants! 

Who else instantly has their dog come bug them when they roll out a yoga mat?

Who else instantly has their dog come bug them when they roll out a yoga mat?