FEB 19, 2019

As much as I’d love for this blog post to be all about my spring wardrobe essentials, it’s not. Winter is still here and honestly it seems like it’s really just gotten started. With all the insane snow and freezing rain storms in the past 2 weeks, plus the extreme cold temperatures ahead of us for this week, I mean we’ve had insane weather for the month of February. Also that damn groundhog saw it’s shadow, or didn’t see it’s shadow? I honestly don’t know what the myth is but I do know is the groundhog predicted another 5 weeks of winter. So, this post is brought to you by that damn groundhog.

 I’m sharing my top 5 staple winter items, which you probably also have in your closest and if you don’t you better get on that train!


For whatever reason, my chest and neck are extra sensitive to the cold and over the years I’ve accumulated quite an array of turtlenecks to combat this problem. My turtlenecks are perfect for those extreme cold days or those days with that awful wind chill in the forecast! The turtleneck is also a great option for those who hate to layer with scarves, vests etc. No scarf needed with a big bulky turtleneck!


Black Shiny Leggings.

My black shiny leggings are a winter staple for me because in my opinion they are the fancier sister to the regular leggings we all like to live in all winter. These babies are perfect for work or a night out on the town. That’s if you’re brave enough to venture out into the winter after dark! If shiny isn’t your thing, you can totally do the faux leather leggings for your winter legging.

My black shiny leggings paired with my slouchy to the knee boots!

My black shiny leggings paired with my slouchy to the knee boots!

Over the Knee OR to the Knee Boots.

I feel like I’ve professed my love of the over the knee or to the knee boot in past posts. Should I gush some more? In my closest this style of boot are my winter boot, super practical right? Like the bootie is to fall, the knee boot is to winter in my closest. Perfect for wearing with dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans. I have high heeled, no heel, wedge, black, beige, tan, brown! I feel like I have a bit of a problem actually. What do you think, time for Shoeaholic Anonymous?

 Knit Cardigan.

I wear this beige hand me down cardigan, actually every season, but it obviously gets the most use in the winter. I wear this as an alternative to the hoody all season long in my casual wardrobe. I’ve always been the a bit more dressed up version of casual and you can’t go wrong with a neutral coloured knit cardi in your closest for winter.


Blanket Scarf.

Besides your turtlenecks, nothing is going to keep you warmer! The beauty of your blanket scarf is all the different ways you can style it, you don’t even have to use it as a scarf! I’ve worn my blanket scarves many a time as a shawl sweater over a dress for extra warmth in the winter.


Do we share the same top 5 in our closest? If not, what are some of your staple winter items you can’t survive without? I’d love to hear and know what I should be adding to my winter wardrobe!

 Stay Warm and Fashionable,