March 20, 2019

Spring! Spring! Spring. Is. Here! Oh how we, I’m just assuming everyone and not just me, have waited so long for Spring to arrive! Yeah, ok, maybe it hasn’t quite brought the warmer temperatures yet, but it’s here and I know the warmer weather will follow close behind.

I think it’s obvious I’m excited for spring, but I’m even more excited about all the spring fashion! The trends this season are so fun, cutesy and darling. You are going to see me say darling a lot, I think that’s my word for spring. Daraaar-ling! Let’s dive right in and see if my top five trends make any of your top five this spring!


1.) Fancy Flats or Mules

Flats are my go to shoe for spring. I like that I don’t have to wear socks with them but I also don’t have my toesies exposed since Spring is still, for me anyways, not sandal/open toe wearing weather. The Mules are a great alternative to the flat, and I saw them a lot at the end of last summer. I’m really happy to see the Mule’s taking a forefront this spring.

When I use the word fancy, I’m not talking rhinestones all over the shoe. For me a fancy flat or mule is more simple stated fancy. A sweet little bow on the shoe or a more creative style of flat or Mule.

2.) Cutesy Hair Bands & Hair Scarfs

I think this is the most adorable trend for spring. I’m loving how darling (told you) all the floral patterns, felt, big bows, colours and knot headbands I’m seeing ladies sporting on Instagram. This hair trend dresses up any casual spring jean and tee on the go outfit.  I’m also loving a scarf to dress up the casual pony tail where you sport the scarf in place of an ugly hair tie. Definitely going to be doing that this year to up my boring pony tail game!

3.) Pleated Skirt

I saw a few pleated skirts in stores this winter, so I’m not surprised to see them more prominently in stores for spring. I think I’m digging the spring pleated skirt more because of all the beautiful spring colours you can find them in. Lots of pretty pastel colous, which are perfect for an Easter Brunch or bridal shower outfit.

4.) Front Tie Shirt

This shirt trend will go perfect with your pleated skirt or a high waisted jean, a.k.a. my choice of mom jean! Pair those pieces with cute little slip on fancy sneakers and you’ve got the perfect Sunday spring lunch attire. The best thing about this trend is you can easily pull a similar look off with any button up blouse or shirt you already have in your closest, so you can save some pennies!

5.) Neons

Would you consider me a fan of neon?


I clearly already love this trend and it’s the perfect trend for wearing right into summer. If you are shy of colour, especially such bright versions of colour you can totally pick and choose how bold you want to go on this trend. Neon shoes, neon earrings, necklace. If you like to be bold then go for the skirt, shirt, pants, shorts! Neon is as fun as you can get with spring’s trends this year.

We sharing any fave trends? Any I should have included that I didn’t? Do we disagree on a trend? If I’d have to pick one that most wouldn’t agree with me on, I’m going to bet on the neon.

Stay trendy friends,